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I got a GoPro

July 1, 2017

I got a GoPro Hero camera recently and have been trying to figure out the best ways to use it. I decided to post some videos here for people looking for places to paddle in the Miami Valley of Ohio. Here is my first one. Kayaking the Stillwater River. Special thanks to my friend Bryan Budding at Barefoot Canoe in West Milton for the shuttle. He doesn’t typically drop people off up river from their facility, but they weren’t very busy that day and he had time to take me up to the put in near Fenner Rd and SR 48. This allowed me to see the bald eagle nest. 
If you take this route, there is an obstacle within the first quarter mile. I’m not really sure what it is. Might be an old dam that was busted through on river left. There’s a bunch of big rocks and it’s kind of pretty. I think I could’ve run it on the far left side without any problems but I was paddling alone and decided to be more conservative. Besides, I didn’t feel like getting wet so early into my journey so I carried around it. The section around the Horseshoe Bend is a little tricky and there are several options. I didn’t get any video in this section but if you’re interested I pretty much stayed all the way to the right through the whole section. If you decide to go paddling on the Stillwater, I recommend coordinating it through Barefoot Canoe. Before you leave town make sure you get a slaw dog from Rudy’s dairy bar near the bowling alley south of town. They’re DELICIOUS! 

Here’s the video!

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